Stauff CHC Clamp Body

The Stauff CHC clamp body has a special design with single, all-around rib to firmly and securely hold corrugated cable protection hoses in place.

Loresstau 10108159

Stauff is expanding its range of tube, hose and cable clamps for modular use in the standard series as per DIN 3015 (part 1) with a special clamp body version of type CHC for guiding and fixing corrugated conduit hoses which are commonly used on mobile machinery and in stationary hydraulics.

  • Firmly and securely holds corrugated cable protection hoses in place without significant pre-tension due to special design with single, all-around rib in clamp body
  • Prevents axial sliding of corrugated hoses
  • Retains familiar work processes and does not require double stocking of parts, while also providing a uniform appearance of the system
  • Available for the most common nominal corrugated conduit hose sizes from 10 to 48, i.e. with external diameters between 13 and 55 mm (0.5 and 2.2 in.)
  • Manufactured from glass-fiber  reinforced polyamide
  • Excellent resistance to weather, temperature and media 
  • Versions made of special flame-retardant materials in compliance with international fire protection standards (e.g. as per BS 6853, EN 45545-2 or UL 94) can also be provided

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