IMI Precision Engineering iLACM

IMI Precision Engineering’s new Intelligent Lift Axle Control Module offers consistent automatic deployment and retraction of lift axles, and will be introduced at WasteExpo 2019.

I Lacm High Res

IMI Precision Engineering introduces its Intelligent Lift Axle Control Module (iLACM).

  • Enhancement to IMI Norgren Lift Axle Control Module (LACM), an all-in-one solution engineered to withstand and shift reliably in cold temperatures compared to commonly used spool valves 
  • LACM has simplified plumbing with fewer fitting connections and leak points, eliminating need for quick release valves to get axle off the ground quickly 
  • Features benefits of LACM combined with intelligent technology 
  • Operation parameters are easily programmed by smart phone or tablet through Bluetooth technology via iLACM app
  • Offers consistent automatic deployment and retraction of lift axles based on tamperproof values (no mechanical regulator) for proper loading of lift axle every time
  • Eliminates driver guesswork
  • Comes with cab-mounted override switch and overload monitoring alerts
  • Provides optimized axle loading for maximum traction and increased driver safety
  • Helps reduce risk of overload fines
  • Operating Voltage of 9-16V DC
  • Lift axle load bag control range of 30-120 psi (2.1-8.3 Bar)
  • Maximum operating pressure is 150 psi (10.3 Bar)
  • Operating temperature range is -40-185 F (-40-85 C)
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