RAM Thumb Cylinders

The RAM Thumb Cylinders feature a custom seal package which includes wear rings and high-pressure seals.

Ram Industries Thumb Cylinder
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RAM Thumb Cylinders are high-quality welded cylinders specifically designed for use on mini excavators, tracked excavators, wheeled excavators and backhoes for hydraulic thumb applications.

  • Includes features to protect the cylinder and equipment when operating in tough working conditions
  • Constructed to ensure long working life
  • Simplifies any routine servicing requirements 
  • Steel guided transfer hose 
  • Oversized spherical bearing mounts
  • Custom seal package includes wear rings and high-pressure seals
  • CAT style heavy-duty nut
  • Oversized piston stem
  • Fixed cushions on both cylinder ends
  • Bolt-in gland with high tensile head bolts

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