Group 2 and 3 Fan Drive Gear Motors, SGM2Y and SGM3Y

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Turolla OCG, a member of the Sauer-Danfoss group carries the Group 2 and Group 3 Series fan drive gear motors, the SGM2Y and SGM3Y, to meet the machine cooling needs of demanding off-highway applications.

  • Cast iron rear cover on the aluminum housing handles high pressure and durability requirements
  • Electrohydraulic proportional relief valve integrated into the cast iron rear cover provides consistent machine performance over the entire operating temperature range
  • Variable speed, proportional fan control
  • SGM2Y and SGM3Y motors can handle increasing engine and transmission oil temperatures from emissions compliancy by adjusting to both the higher heat loads and operating conditions
  • Available in two frame sizes with displacements: SGM2Y - 8.4 to 25.2 cc (0.51 to 1.54 cm3/rev), SGM3Y - 22.1 to 44.1 cc (1.34 to 2.69 cm3/rev)
  • Rated pressure up to 250 bar (3625 psi)
  • Peak pressure up to 270 bar (3915 psi)
  • Integrated shaft seal protector
  • High temperature seals handle intermittent temperatures up to 110 C (230 F) and down to -20 C (-4 F)
  • Improved gear teeth machining reduces noise


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