Char-Lynn HP30 Motor with Speed Sensor

Eaton's Char-Lynn HP30 motor is now available with a speed sensor which is fully integrated into the motor for use in harsh operating conditions.

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Power management company Eaton announces the launch of a speed sensor for the company’s Char-Lynn HP30 motor.

  • Offers ability to measure pulses per revolution of the motor
  • Provides high starting torque efficiency, best in class no-load pressure drop and series circuit capability for general motor applications
  • Fully integrating sensor protects it from harsh operating conditions
  • Features higher percentages of torque at low speeds compared to radial piston motors of similar sizes
  • Low pressure drop provides lower internal frictional losses across all points of operation
  • Remains fully functional with high back pressure
  • Can be installed in series circuits without limitations on duty cycle or pressure ratings
  • Provides increased productivity, efficiency and flexibility 



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