EHP PMAC Motor/Generator

Parker introduces its EHP System, designed to help lower emissions and offer fuel savings to mining equipment.

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The Hybrid Electric Business Unit of Parker Hannifin Corporation launched its EHP (electro-hydraulic pump) System at the opening of MINExpo International in Las Vegas. 

  • Combines a high-efficiency permanent magnet AC (PMAC) motor/generator and high-performance mobile inverter with a Parker hydraulic motor
  • Offers design and performance benefits for mining machinery and equipment applications  
  • Mobile inverter provides real-time speed/torque commands and enables use of all traditional hydraulic-pump flow/pressure control architectures
  • Control, operation performance and diagnostic monitoring are accomplished through the inverter’s discrete I/O or CANopen interface
  • Enables electro-hydrostatic actuation (EHA) which allows decoupling of an implement from the engine for reduced power draw on the engine 
  • Well suited for the development of hybrid and all-electric equipment solutions
  • Power-on-demand capability, variable speed control and high-efficiency components, along with regeneration capabilities, contributes to extended operating time 
  • Available in a wide range of voltage configurations (24 to 800V DC) and four diameters (142, 210, 310 and 470 mm)
  • Offers power density up to 3.9 kW/kg
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