CreepDrive Motor 2

The CreepDrive Motor 2 increases speed 40% for the Poclain CreepDrive transmission system.

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Poclain Hydraulics’ CreepDrive Motor 2 offers customers who require both high torque capabilities and highway speeds a new size in the CreepDrive motor line. The CreepDrive system is a hybrid mechanical-hydraulic transmission designed for vehicles that work at very low speed but travel at normal speed on road. 

  • Offers high torque/low speed capabilities and highway speed ability
  • Includes Poclain's High-Flow technology which provides 40% increase in speed and 160% increase in torque generated by the hydrobase
  • Features dual displacement hydrobase that allows downsizing the pump for similar speeds, resulting in power that is two and a half times what it is on existing CreepDrive 1 motor
  • Provides extra low speed and steady operation
  • Offers easy installation and integration
  • Helps preserves brakes, clutch and transmission wear
  • Light and compact to fit any mechanical transmission brand
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