CleanStart Stop & Start Hydraulic System

Poclain Hydraulics' CleanStart Stop & Start Hydraulic System enables engines to be turned off when the vehicle is stopped, helping reduce emissions and fuel use up to 10%.

CleanStart system motor
CleanStart system motor
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CleanStart is a Stop & Start hydraulic system from Poclain Hydraulics for high displacement engines.

  • Hydraulic starter motor is core of the system, offering high restart reactivity by directly driving the engine crankshaft
  • Internal combustion engine can be cut off during passenger pick-up or drop-off at bus stops and in traffic jams, therefore consuming less fuel and emitting fewer noises and vibrations at low speeds
  • Improves fuel consumption up to 10% in relation to the cycle and operating conditions
  • Single, compact and lightweight circuit consisting of a few components–hydraulic starter motor, hydraulic pump, sequence valve, hydraulic accumulator and a tank
  • Hydraulic starter motor supplies instant torque greater than the engine's resisting torque (inertia and first compressions)
  • Motor provides maximum torque of 560 Nm (413 lbs.-ft.), and power rating of 28 kW (38 hp)
  • Compactness of starter motor allows for its positioning directly on the internal combustion engine crankshaft, giving it high reactivity (start-up in 0.4 seconds) while reducing energy loss
  • Hydraulic pump ensures pressurization of the hydraulic accumulator for next engine start
  • Sequence valve guarantees pressurization of an accumulator by diverting the pump flow for as long as is required for pressurization
  • Resulting energy storage (pressurized volume of oil) is designed to supply the hydraulic motor for one start-up sequence
  • Hydraulic accumulator stores the hydraulic energy required to start up the engine, preserving the service life of the batteries as they are not used for every start up
  • Tank contains oil for the system
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