Dolomites Cast Iron Gear Pump

The Dolomites cast iron gear pump from Turolla features a two-piece design and is made from cast iron to ensure performance in harsh operating conditions.

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The Turolla Dolomites cast iron gear pump has been specifically designed for mobile equipment applications requiring a heavy-duty pump with compact dimensions.

  • Uses two-piece design
  • Available in displacements from 10 to 82 cc
  • Measures 10 to 82 cm3 (0.62 to 5.01 cir)
  • Typical applications include use in agriculture, road building, material handling, forestry, and transportation industries
  • Flange and body are constructed with durable cast iron
  • Cast iron offers thermal stability, contamination resistance and strength for consistent performance and durability in severe duty cycle applications
  • Pressure-balanced thrust plates and high-performance journal bearings optimize volumetric efficiency across
  • the range of operating speeds and pressures
  • Available with a broad range of mounting flanges, drive shafts and porting options
  • Optional roller bearings available for side load applications
  • ISO, SAE and UNI configurations are possible, as well as reversible pump capability


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