Ultra Compact Reversing/Proportional Fan Drive Motor

The Turolla Ultra Compact Reversing/Proportional Fan Drive Motor features cartridge valves optimized to minimize pressure drop and provide increased power savings.

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Turolla introduces its Ultra Compact Reversing/Proportional Fan Drive Motor which provides proportional speed control with reversing capability in an ultra-compact package size.

  • Design minimizes axial length
  • Cartridge valves optimized for fan drive applications minimize pressure drop and offer greater power savings 
  • Pressure capability up to 210 bar (3,045 psi)
  • Delivers speeds up to 3,500 rpm
  • Features intermittent fluid temperature up to 110 C (230 F) with a minimum viscosity of 10 mm2/s (60 SUS)
  • Includes high-performance, pressure balanced aluminum gear motor
  • Integrated dust cover protects shaft seal
  • Durable aluminum casting is optimized to provide short length and minimize weight
  • Proportional pressure relief valve modulates fan speed
  • Direct acting cartridge valve reverses motor rotation
  • Anti-cavitation vales bypass flow during fan wind down
  • Includes Deutsch connector DT 04 (IP69K) and optional DIN 43650 connector
  • PLUS +1 compliant


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