Danfoss H1B210 Frame Size Bent Axis Motor

Danfoss has enhanced its H1B bent axis motor product family with release of the H1B210 frame size which provides a compact design and higher rotating speeds.

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Danfoss Power Solutions has announced the release of H1B210, a new frame size that enhances the successful H1B bent axis motor family (H1B060 – H1B250).

  • Features compact design, higher rotating and acceleration speeds than H1B250
  • Integrated controls provides better performance and reliability, as well as greater overall efficiency 
  • Includes proven 32-degree bent axis technology and zero-degree capability, allowing for smooth, on-the-go shifting
  • Offers flexibility to meet many vehicle operating conditions
  • Provides same full option package as other H1B motors but is intended for applications with high installed power
  • Enables use of cost-efficient drop-box transmission for high corner-power applications
  • Available with DIN and SAE flanges
  • Features rated high-speed capability of 3,850 rpm at 20% motor displacement
  • Maximum working pressure is 450 bar
  • Offers competitive shaft speeds, integrated loop flushing device and optional integrated speed sensor
  • Shared parts within H1B product family and external accessibility of shaft seal allow for better serviceability
  • Common control interface for all H1B frame sizes simplifies motor conversion
  • Zero-degree capability enables development of software-based anti-slip control for multi-motor transmissions, resulting in reduced ground damage, increased traction control and improved machine controllability 
  • Large ratio (0 to 32 degrees) leads to higher overall efficiency
  • Two-edge spool design of 3/2-way valve spool increases efficiency due to low volumetric losses and reduces hysteresis for better controllability
  • Strong synch joint withstands high accelerations and decelerations
  • One-piece housing means fewer potential leak paths                    


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