Eaton’s X20, 420 Series Pumps Provide a Reliable, Durable Solution to Keep Shuttlewagon Mobile Railcar Movers Running

Shuttlewagon replaced pumps in its mobile railcar movers with Eaton X20, 420 Series pumps which provided a durable pump option in a smaller package.

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Shuttlewagon, Inc., a Nordco company, is a leading designer and manufacturer mobile railcar movers for industries including aggregate, mining and refining. Like mobile equipment manufacturers who serve other
industries, Shuttlewagon focuses on keeping its customers running safely, efficiently and reliably. It carves out a reputation by providing value through technology and user-friendly, productive and reliable products and services.

Faced with a phase out of the pumps currently in use, Shuttlewagon looked to Eaton distributor Engineered Sales, Inc. for a replacement that would provide equivalent performance without increasing costs. With harsh conditions as an operational norm, mobile railcar movers require pumps that withstand temperature extremes as well as corrosive and dirty environments without losing power or efficiency.