New Test Method Raises Performance Standard for Rod Wipers in Hydraulic Systems

Dirt ingression is a major cause of hydraulic system inefficiency, degradation and failure. Although superior filtration systems exist and are used to limit exposure to contaminants, there are a number of locations in a typical hydraulic system that remain vulnerable. Breather ports, external couplers and power shaft systems that drive hydraulic pumps, external motors and cylinders are included among areas that may be compromised. This paper describes a new, innovative test method developed by Hallite Seals Americas, Inc. in cooperation with Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) to assess the amount of dirt entering a simulated hydraulic system through the rod wiper located on the hydraulic cylinder. It will discuss why and how such a test method (or specification) for rod wipers was developed and the test procedure and conclusion derived from putting four different wiper products to the test, setting a new standard for the future of testing rod wipers in hydraulic systems.