State of the Industry 2008

This year's State of the Industry asked industry experts to describe successes, present challenges and possible issues in the coming years of new administration.

In recent years, the mobile off-highway industry has seen grand changes on both a domestic and global scale. With issues such as Tier 4 emissions, rising oil prices, an increase in military spending, and sustainable energy sources—on top of an already fragile, changing government and the latest economic plummet—OEM Off-Highway magazine asked industry leaders and experts three important questions to summarize their past, present and future situations.

1. Past successes: Looking back over the last decade, what do you consider to be your company/industry's greatest triumph? Why?

2. Present challenges: What is the biggest issue or challenge your particular company/industry is faced with today? How are you addressing that challenge?

3. Future projections: In what ways do you foresee a new administration affecting the mobile off-highway equipment industry? What kinds of changes in the next four years of administration will positively affect your business/industry, as well as the mobile off-highway industry?

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