The close of another year

It surprises me every year when we reach the November/December issue. Looking back at the year, we've accomplished quite a lot. 

Starting the year off right, we relaunched our website,, on the latest responsive design platform to give you the best online experience on any device.

The January/February issue was the launch pad for our Smart Center column (check out this issue's Smart Center installment on intelligent brake system technology on page 22).

We tackled another CONEXPO with a stunning flip double-issue in March, on top of live IFPE show coverage from our news desk.

April saw yet another new column, News Briefs, added to our pages as a way to overview significant ongoings in the industry.

We also created and launched our new quarterly System e-Newsletters (Engine Revolutions, Drivetrain Technology Update, Fluid Power Progress, The Electric Age, In the Cab, and Efficient Design & Manufacturing).

Our September issue held the first run of the Extreme Machine! column profiling the vehicles working in the harshest environments and applications.

The September issue also was packaged with the first ever Pump & Motor Spec Guide, which can also be found online at

This issue features a new column as well: The Big Picture, starting on page 30, which highlights just how far innovation, engineering and technology can go to benefit people beyond the owner/operator.

Not to be forgotten, we recently joined a brand new company, AC Business Media, and turned the big 3-0!

Could there possibly be any more we could do in one year?


We are also pulling together a brand new digital exclusive issue set to be released in December called the Year in Review. It will feature a slew of new products, the hottest news of the year, the most popular articles of 2014 and plenty more.

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Just think of all of the possibilities yet to come in 2015!