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Submitting products and interacting with digital properties is not taking away the value of print, it's enhancing it.

Oem Off Highway April2012

With nearly every conversation I have with a new reader, I suggest receiving the digital version of our publication. And, nearly every time the reader says, "I prefer the print." This is bittersweet as an editor. On one hand, this goes against the {ridiculous} idea that print is "dying" and, yet, this demonstrates a need to educate readers on the value of digital as a print enhancer, not a print replacement.

For OEM Off-Highway, the digital publication is a separate undertaking. It needs to be reformatted with horizontal orientation for wide computer screens, links need to be embedded to turn "Go to for more information" into "Click here for more information" and flash elements are coded, created and inserted to make the reading experience more interactive. 

See our most recent digital edition here.

We include all of our print articles into our digital magazine so that digital subscribers do not miss any of the relevant content our print readers receive, and often we have several Digital Exclusive articles that couldn't make it into print. So, even to a print reader, the digital edition includes content that you may be interested in. 

Our hope is that both will have value as separate products, but work together to give a unified reader experience with different interactive elements. 

There are two arguments for how print should be delivered. Many say that print is where information is absorbed slowly and processed by the reader. The print layout should be sleek, unencumbered by filler images and too many bells and whistles. To play devil's advocate, if you are absorbing information slowly in print, isn't that exactly where you would want the bells and whistles? Somewhere where the reader can take their time to see each element and make a decision on whether to include it in their reading experience or not. 

I hear often that "the internet is filled with a lot of crap" and sifting through it is exhausting. Print is where trusted information is found (you hope). A digital magazine should be the online experience of interactive information with the trusted information you seek in print. We can imbed a video in an article that can demonstrate the technology being talked about. A related blog or series of images can be just a click away. But ultimately, that in-depth investigative content remains true to what the readers need. 

Many print consumer magazines have their magazine digitally available for download (free for current subscribers) giving you both options. OEM Off-Highway hopes to offer the same thing - you can have both. You don't have to choose.

Click here to subscribe to our print AND digital publication. It is free to qualified readers (anyone in the product development team at an equipment manufacturer). 

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