Delo 400 XLE Synblend SAE 10W-30

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Chevron's Delo 400 XLE Synblend SAE 10W-30 can deliver over 3% fuel economy improvement in Class 6 trucks relative to SAE 15W-40 diesel motor oils.

  • Formulated for use in modern on-highway, low emissions engines as well as older diesel engines
  • Provide performance in modern off-highway engines where an SAE 10W-30 viscosity grade is recommended 
  • Recommended for naturally-aspirated and turbocharged four-stroke diesel engines and four-stroke gasoline engines in which the API CJ-4 or SM service category and SAE 10W-30 viscosity grade are recommended
  • Formulated for 2010 compliant low emission diesel engines with selective catalytic reduction (SCR), diesel particulate filter (DPF) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and is also compatible with previous engine models and previous API oil service categories
  • Shows up to 3.6% fuel economy improvement in short-haul Class 6 vehicles and up to 1% improvement in long-haul Class 8 trucks compared to SAE 15W-40 oil in SAE J1321 Fuel Consumption Tests
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