Robots in Agriculture

Investment in more efficient and environmentally friendly farming practices is producing a new wave of in-the-field solutions.

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The agricultural industry has never shied away from advanced technology and has consistently lead in automation system integration. Intelligent farming is the only way that the agricultural industry can meet higher productivity demands within a more resource-restrictive framework.

John Deere, for example, recently concluded a publicly funded research program centered around developing a carbon-neutral, highly productive agricultural solution. The result was an all-electric, fully-autonomous, grid-powered tractor.

AGCO’s Fendt brand launched its MARS project several years ago. Now known as the Xaver system, the small, cloud-based robots are able to plan, monitor and record the precise position and planting time of each individual plant seed. This allows remaining field operations to be unique to each plant independently through the growth and harvest cycles of the crop.

The additional benefits to implementing a successful field swarm could be substantial.

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