Introducing the New Engine Technology Forum

The former Diesel Technology Forum has rebranded as the Engine Technology Forum, Inc., citing the scope, mission and vision of the organization have expanded to recognize new opportunities and challenges across engines, fuels and emissions.

The board of directors of the Diesel Technology Forum (DTF) has announced, effective Oct. 2, 2023, the DTF has evolved into the Engine Technology Forum, Inc. (ETF). 

Building off of two-plus decades of success around the transformation of diesel technology, the scope, mission and vision of the organization have expanded. 

This change recognizes the new opportunities and challenges for diesel as well as other internal combustion engines, and fuels in powering key sectors of the global economy while contributing to reduced greenhouse gases and other emissions. 

“Internal combustion engines (ICE) like diesel, gasoline, and natural gas are the fundamental power behind our economy and mobility. Continued innovations in efficiency, lower emissions, new engine designs and new fuels offer tremendous promise for the future of ICE technology and helping meet our societal goals,” says ETF Executive Director Allen Schaeffer. 

The new ETF is a place for fact-based discussions as well as debate about all options for meeting our energy, environmental and economic goals. ETF will work with all stakeholders including government, industry, environmental and community groups seeking solutions to reduce greenhouse gas and other emissions. ETF’s work encompasses freight transport, agriculture, construction, mining, as well as other industrial and commercial applications.

“There are many pathways to a reduced carbon future, and we should embrace all of them. Some technologies like internal combustion engines and cleaner fuels are more certain and available today, while others may hold greater promise for the future. Members of the new ETF are leaders in both advanced internal combustion engines and zero emissions technologies that provide the best solutions for their customers,” says Schaeffer. 

ETF’s members represent all aspects of internal combustion engine industry including engine, vehicle and equipment manufacturers, emissions control and other component suppliers, as well as petroleum, renewable fuel producers, specialty chemical companies along with their allied organizations.

Through education, outreach, research and collaboration, ETF, a 501c(6) organization will raise awareness that internal combustion engines, vehicles, equipment, and technology using renewable and other fuels, are valued options that can contribute to decarbonizing key sectors of the economy. The forum will share news about the innovations in internal combustion engines, vehicles, technology and fuels through its various educational outreach campaigns, events, and its new website.

Engine Technology Forum members include; AGCO, Caterpillar, Chevron’s Renewable Energy Group, Clean Fuels Alliance America, Cummins, FPT Powertrain Technologies, General Motors, Innospec, Isuzu, John Deere, Johnson Matthey, Kubota Engine America, mtu-a Rolls-Royce solution, Neste, Stanadyne, Stellantis, Tenneco, Umicore, Volvo, Western States Petroleum Association, and Yanmar.