CECE Kicks off new Digitalization Project

During INTERMAT 2018, CECE introduced its research project aimed at creating a global value-chain approach to position the construction industry as a leader in digitalization.


Taking place on April 25 at INTERMAT, the launch event for CECE's digitalization project gathered interested company representatives, stakeholders and members of the press. 

The Background

As highlighted in a 2016 research by McKinsey and CECE, digitalization is recognized by machinery manufacturers as the main technology trend.

Digital transformations are indeed happening in the machinery sector, as much as in other parts of the larger construction industry. Following the main recommendation of the McKinsey research, CECE is pushing for a global value-chain approach to have the construction industry as the leader of these changes.

The Project

In light of this approach, CECE took the decision to kick off the next phase of its digitalization project.

A consulting team has been tasked with a research project involving multiple data collection tools inserted in a methodology that will lead to the presentation of the final results at the CECE Congress 2018 on October 19, 2018. 

The project is managed by a Steering Committee that meets regularly. As part of the value chain approach, representatives of European construction contractors (FIEC) and equipment rental companies (ERA) are members of the Steering Committee.

The Launch Event

Opening the event, CECE Secretary General Riccardo Viaggi explained the background of the research, the steps CECE took to properly identify the project as well as the parallel actions CECE is undertaking at the EU level in Brussels to involve the construction value-chain representatives.

The consulting team, led by Davide Meinero of I&D Consulting presented the most relevant elements of the methodology and outlined the most important steps of the project.

Robert Laux (BOMAG) in his capacity of Vice-chair of the CECE High-level technical policy advisory group concluded the meeting reminding the vast importance this project has for CECE and calling all interested parties to contribute.