XCMG Crane Sets World Record Installing Highest Impeller on Windfarm

The XCA1600 all-terrain crane successfully installed an impeller at the record-breaking height of 140 m.


XCMG, China's leading construction machinery manufacturer, has set a new world record as its XCA1600 all-terrain crane successfully installed an impeller at the record-breaking height of 140 m at the Baixiang onshore wind farm project in Hebei, China on May 6. 

The XCA1600 is the world's first wheeled crane capable of installing impellers at the height of 140 m. The assembled impeller had a diameter of 141 m and weighed nearly 90 tons; the crane lifted and docked the impeller in only 40 minutes while engineers spent another 90 minutes to fasten all 80 bolts. Xcmg Xca1600 Windfarm

"China has the greatest number of wind farm installations. The 1,600-ton all-terrain crane, designed for projects at height has not only overcome many construction challenges with world-leading technology and strong quality, but it has also now made its name with this new record-breaking project complete as China leading crane technology and quality," says Jianzhong Sun, VP of XCMG and the GM of XCMG Crane Business Division.

XCMG's 1,600-ton all-terrain crane has the following highlights:

  • Lightweight: worldwide, the XCA1600 is the smallest 1,600 tonnage crane in size with the most considerable hoisting capability and most robust functions.
  • Full coverage: it covers all wind power construction scenarios with seven-section main boom reaching 92.4 m. With its innovative self-folding wind power boom of 27.5-51.5 m, it can easily lift 95 tons when expanded to 140 m of height.
  • Intelligent control: the XCA1600 can analyze the best program for different tasks to guarantee accurate positioning while lifting objects of up to 100-tonnes

"XCMG's goal is to create 'Advanced and Endurable' wind power equipment best suited to the different geological and weather conditions of various projects, and bring new solutions that aid the development of the wind power industry," Sun says.

Over the years, XCMG has dedicated significant investment into the wind power sector, resulting in the fast development of Chinese wind power installations supported by cutting-edge technologies, advanced manufacturing and a comprehensive industrial database to support R&D.