Wirtgen Group Presents Innovative Solutions for Latin America at M&T Expo 2018

Seven of the machines exhibited were premieres to the Brazilian market, and most of them are also new to the Latin American market.

The Wirtgen W 150 CF compact milling machine with new 1,800 mm milling drum assembly.
The Wirtgen W 150 CF compact milling machine with new 1,800 mm milling drum assembly.

At this year’s M&T Expo, held from November 26-29, 2018 at São Paulo Expo in Brazil, the Wirtgen Group (stand no. 500) once again showcased a representative cross-section of its machinery and technologies for road construction and rehabilitation. Of the total of 15 machines exhibited, seven were premieres to the Brazilian market and most of them are also new to the Latin American market.

With its 60 years of experience in paving equipment, Ciber Equipamentos Rodoviários, a Wirtgen Group company based in Brazil and operating in Latin America, Africa, Oceania and South East Asia, exhibited on behalf of the Wirtgen Group at M&T Expo 2018. “The technological innovations of the Wirtgen Group are continuously being further developed, providing the means to build and maintain roads faster, at higher quality, but lower cost,” explains Luiz Marcelo Tegon, Commercial President of Ciber Equipamentos Rodoviários.


The Wirtgen exhibit included milling machines from all three performance classes: the W 100 small milling machine is specially adapted to the Latin American market and produced by Ciber in Porto Alegre. The maneuverable rear-loader offers a large variety of applications ranging from surface course milling jobs to complete pavement removal.

A new milling drum assembly extends the range of applications of Wirtgen’s W 150 CF the most powerful cold milling machine in the compact class. With its 298 kW engine power the machine can now also be equipped with a 1,800 mm milling drum assembly and achieves even greater productivity and area output. The flexible adjustment of the extra-large slewing angle (60 degrees to the left and the right) and speed of the front-loading conveyor ensures efficient material loading. The front loader was shown for the first time at a Latin American trade fair. Third on the team was the easy-to-handle W 200. Providing premium-quality milling results at an unbeatably low operating cost the large milling machine is also easy to transport.

Additionally, Wirtgen presented its cold recycler and soil stabilizer WR 240. The all-rounder of the WR series is ideally suited to the powerful, large-scale stabilization of ground with insufficient bearing capacity with the help of additives such as cement, lime and water. In cold recycling mode, the WR 240 converts asphalt layers in need of rehabilitation to high-quality base courses – regardless of job site area and working depth.

For its WR series, Wirtgen has developed a solution that is more than a match for even the most extreme requirements in both applications: the new DURAFORCE milling and mixing rotor. This development marks the end of unprofitable tool changing times, maximizing lucrative operating times instead. Vögele's two tracked paver models SUPER 1300-3 and SUPER 1800-3.Vögele's two tracked paver models SUPER 1300-3 and SUPER 1800-3.


Vögele showcased the two tracked models SUPER 1300-3 and SUPER 1800-3. The SUPER 1300-3 from the Compact Class is an extremely compact paver whose small size makes it ideal for a variety of different applications. With a wide range of pave widths extending from 0.75-5 m, the SUPER 1300-3 copes effortlessly with combined pedestrian and cycle paths, farm tracks, minor roads and public spaces. The paver is powered by a modern Deutz diesel engine rated at 74.4 kW and combined with an AB 340 Extending Screed in TV version for superb compaction. Like all Vögele screeds it is equipped with an electrical heating system that sets new standards in terms of performance and energy efficiency.

The second model, the SUPER 1800-3 from the Universal Class, handles paving jobs on motorways, rural roads and public spaces equally as well as on tight roundabouts. It focuses, in particular, on environmental, economic and ergonomic factors. The innovative, environmentally friendly and economical asphalt paver is based on user-friendly, cutting-edge technology. The Vögele EcoPlus package, for instance, significantly reduces both fuel consumption and noise levels. In addition, the AutoSet Plus and PaveDock Assistant functions make working with the SUPER 1800-3 even easier.

Both the SUPER 1800-3 and the SUPER 1300-3 are equipped with the user-friendly ErgoPlus 3 operating system. The color screen has a high-contrast interface providing brilliant readability, even in poor lighting conditions. Self-explanatory language-neutral symbols allow the paver operator to work intuitively. What is more, the paver operator’s seat and the paver operator’s console on the paver platform, as well as the screed consoles, are easy to adjust to the paving crew’s needs. Side paneling provides effective protection from the wind and rain. (from left to right): HD CompactLine HD 10 VV, HD 90K, GRW 280 and Compactor 3411.(from left to right): HD CompactLine HD 10 VV, HD 90K, GRW 280 and Compactor 3411.


Hamm, leading manufacturer for compaction technology in South America and also worldwide, presented its compactor 3520 with an operating weight of 20 t as well as the 11-t-compactor 3411 – a versatile all-rounder for earthworks. For asphalt construction, Hamm presented several articulated tandem rollers: two compact rollers from the series HD CompactLine, the vibration roller HD 10 VV and the combination roller HD 14 VT, and two combination rollers with an operating weight of 9 t, type HD 90 K and HD O90K with oscillation technology. Moreover, Hamm showcased the rubber wheeled roller GRW 280-12H in São Paulo. This roller can be used for both asphalt construction and earthworks.


Ciber rounded off the Wirtgen Group product range. New challenges in the paving business such as the desired production of sustainable asphalt mixes, more economical mixtures and mixtures with higher durability, have an impact on additives, projects and plants. This is why Ciber showed its most important innovations by presenting the new line of iNOVA Asphalt Plants featuring the latest technologies that are unique on the market.