Ammann Showcasing New Products, Technology at bauma 2019

The company will exhibit over 100 products, including new machines, as well as celebrate its 150th anniversary.

RSS 120-M Shredder, Iron Separator and Screen
RSS 120-M Shredder, Iron Separator and Screen

Ammann’s product lineup at bauma 2019 in Munich will showcase the company’s continued commitment toward sustainability, low emissions and an overall minimal environmental impact. The trade show will be held from April 8-14.

“Our focus remains on integrating intuitive technology into products that provide customers with solutions to jobsite challenges,” says Hans-Christian Schneider, CEO of Ammann. “Those products also must meet – and often surpass – today’s global environmental standards.”

More than 100 Ammann products will be on display at the trade show, including many new offerings. Ammann will also mark its 150th anniversary at bauma 2019.

Ammann’s history is one of helping customers solve problems through the use of technology,” Schneider says. “We will follow that same path in the future and continue our commitment to innovation and sustainability.”


Ammann will exhibit a new line of APH Hydrostatic Vibratory Plate Compactors, which will replace the current successful line of machines that are widely known for their power and reliability. The new hydrostatic plates will retain the popular features of their predecessors while further reducing hand-arm vibration (HAV) levels and utilizing the latest engine technology. ART 280 Hydrostatic Tired RollerART 280 Hydrostatic Tired RollerAmmann

Other key features include ACE technology for advanced compaction and the triple-shaft exciter system, which keeps plate movement consistent and enables smooth travel – even through heavy, cohesive soils.

The new line of APR Reversible Vibratory Plate Compactors will also be presented. The plates also incorporate a low-vibration handle to help keep operators fresh, comfortable and productive.


The ARX 91 Articulated Tandem Roller utilizes high compaction output to make quick work of thick or thin asphalt layers in fewer passes. The output is provided through a combination of drum dimensions, frequencies and amplitudes.

The machine features a highly efficient propulsion system that maximizes traction, even on difficult jobsites. A smooth start/stop system improves quality when working on asphalt.

The Ammann ART 280 Hydrostatic Tired Roller is available with engines that meet varied emissions levels. Ammann’s modular, easy-load ballasting system enables the machine weight to be adjusted from 9 tonnes to 28 tonnes in a single hour with the help of only a forklift. The compactor performs well on both asphalt and soil. 

The new series of ARX Light Tandem Rollers from Ammann make it even easier for operators to work next to obstructions such as curbs. A new, maintenance-free articulation joint enables quick drum adjustment from in-line to offset configurations.

The compactors also include an intuitive dashboard layout, a redesign of the front and rear of the machine, a new LED light system and reduced sound levels. Also available are combination versions, which utilize steel drums in front and four pneumatic tires in the rear.

The ARS 122 T3 Soil Compactor incorporates a Cummins BS-III engine, equivalent to a Tier 3. The basic machine weighs 10 tonnes and can be adjusted up to 11 tonnes. The ARS line features Ammann’s no-rear-axle concept, which provides exceptional traction and power on steep grades.

The ARP 95 ST5 Pivot-Steer Roller has a redesigned main frame that enables the machine to work as wide as 3,070 mm when in an offset configuration. It is the widest working width of a roller of its size on the market. All service points can be accessed from the ground. Onboard diagnostics are part of the main display.

The ARS Series ST5 Soil Compactors offer exceptional compaction output, helping the machines reach goals in fewer passes – a significant cost-saver on jobsites. The control and information display is integrated into the steering wheel. Control is intuitive, boosting the productivity of less experienced operators.

Ammann Compaction Expert (ACE), the company’s proprietary Intelligent Compaction system, will be explained at the booth. ACE, the most basic system, uses LED lights to indicate that compaction progress is being made. ACEforce measures compaction and assigns specific values to progress through a digital interface. It can confirm that compaction targets have been met. ACEpro is the most advanced system. It measures compaction progress and allows instant and continual adjustment of amplitude and frequency – either automatically or manually.


Ammann ABC ValueTec Asphalt-Mixing Plants are built around providing efficiency – and ultimately reducing costs and thereby improving profits. The plants offer the lowest product life cycle cost of all products in their segment. Customization enables the use of 25-40% recycled asphalt.

The transport-optimized CBT 130 TB Elba Concrete-Mixing Plant combines the advantages of quick relocation with large production capacity. The plant fits in two containerized transport units. Electric and pneumatic components are completely pre-installed.

The RSS 120-M Shredder, Iron Separator and Screen is a mobile machine that prepares recycled asphalt for use in an asphalt-mixing plant. It is essentially a 3-in-1 machine with its ability to function as a shredder, iron separator and screen. The machine is the ideal solution for recycling asphalt that ranges in size from millings to larger pieces. The RSS 120-M can go from installation to production in as quickly as 30 minutes.

The Ammann service app.The Ammann service app.AmmannAFTER-SALES PRODUCTS AND SERVICES

Amdurit, Ammann’s proprietary mixing-plant wear-protection system, provides three times the service life of wear-resistant steel and protects valuable parts and components. The components last longer, which translates to fewer replacements and reduced labor and therefore lower costs. Overall plant uptime is improved as well.

Ammann retrofits enable older plants to access the latest technological and environmental improvements. Ammann has a tested retrofit process that costs a small fraction of the price of a new plant and is available for asphalt-mixing products made by Ammann and other manufacturers. Key benefits include environmental upgrades, technological improvements and an overall rejuvenated plant.

Ammann ServiceLink is a tool that provides machines owners with access to key information such as battery status, working hours, machine starts and maintenance details. The information is provided directly on the machine and can be accessed online or via the mobile app. ServiceLink is available for both light equipment and large rollers. It is effective for individual businesses as well as rental firms. 

The Ammann service app provides access to ServiceLink and all the information it offers. The app also enables quick access to machine documentation, operator manuals and parts lists. It utilizes GPS technology to help users find the nearest service dealer.