Case C Series Excavators

Case C Series excavators meet Tier 4 Interim Emissions requirements.

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Case Construction Equipment's C Series full-sized excavator line offer increased fuel efficiency, productivity and improved serviceability and operator comfort. The Case CX250C, CX300C and CX350C excavators replace models in the company’s B Series product line and feature Tier 4 Interim-certified cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) technology that burns cleaner while delivering horsepower.

  • CX250C, CX300C and CX350C delivers 177, 207 and 266 net horsepower (132, 154 and 198 kW), respectively
  • Case CX250C excavator saves as much as three gallons of fuel per hour
  • Reduces total fuel consumption and improves performance with Case Intelligent Hydraulic System technology 
  • Auto Economy Control lowers RPMs when the joysticks are inactive
  • Swing Relief Control technology manages hydraulic power allotted at start of swing operation
  • Spool Stroke Control creates automatic pressure adjustment during digging operations
  • Up to 5% faster cycle times
  • Loads up to 10 more trucks during every work shift
  • Offers operators smoother and easier control and maneuverability
  • Up to 6% more lift capacity
  • Larger operating weights  
  • Case CX250C operating weight 55,400 lb. (25 100 kg), CX300C and CX350C 65,900 lb. (29 900 kg) and 80,000 lb. (36 300 kg), respectively
  • Cab provides 7% more space, 25% more airflow and air conditioning performance increase of 8%
  • Noise reduction in cab as low as 69.9 dBa
  • Vibration refinement of cab's reinforced tubular structures
  • Rearview camera feeds video to 7-inch LED monitor in cab
  • Camera switches between rear and optional side views
  • Simultaneous visibility to key operating data, including fuel consumption per hour
  • Includes standard air-suspension seat 
  • In-cab auxiliary hydraulic setting system with option for 10 memory-recall settings to make tool changes quick and easy 
  • Wide-open panels allow easy access to service points and ground-level access to grouped lubrication points
  • Extended service intervals include 500-hour engine oil change, 5,000-hour hydraulic oil change and 1,000-hour greasing
  • Cab includes access points to easily reach the air filter and fuse box
  • Various attachments available including buckets and multi-fit couplers
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