Polygon CTT Pneumatic Cylinder

Polygon introduces Constrained Tube Technology (CTT) pneumatic cylinders.

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Polygon Company announces its pneumatic cylinder known as CTT (Constrained Tube Technology). CTT is a complete pneumatic system that allows the composite tube to be fitted within the confines of a thin-walled outer host.

  • Composite tube carries greater than 90% of the pressure vessel loads
  • Metallic host enables traditional assembly techniques such as welding, threading, retention rings
  • Housing provides durable casing, supports and protects lightweight cylinder
  • Utilizes end cap attachment system that enables corrosion resistance, improved seal life and unique fluid flow properties without manufacturing assembly changes
  • Inner composite sleeve does all load work while thermoplastic outer tube and connection elements provide seamless and cost-effective assembly
  • Fitted end caps secure host tube and provide traditional cylinder outline for non-housed units
  • Various housing options provide ample attachment points for mounting the assembly
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