Polygon PolySlide Material For Cylinders

Polygon PolySlide material for PolySlide cylinder helps create an actuator with reduced friction.

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Polygon’s PolySlide material is well suited for use in small pneumatic actuators. The patent-pending bore surface of the PolySlide cylinder improves seal wear by reducing friction while metal cylinder surfaces are left microscopically rough even at high RA values due to the nature of the machining process.

  • Available in sizes as low as 0.25 inch ID all the way up to industrial-sized 30 inch IDs and larger
  • Molding process makes microscopically round in nature
  • Incorporated wear resistant material increases lifespan
  • Allows seal to slide over surface contour, minimizing interlocking friction
  • Produces an actuator which can withstand fast cycling, as high as 10 cycles/second
  • Low coefficient of friction reduces generated heat, allowing for rapid cycling and long seal life
  • Testing shows over 20 million cycles with negligible seal wear
  • Approximately four times lighter than steel, weigh less than aluminum



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