TriPlus Automatic Greasing System

Groeneveld's TriPlus automatic greasing system works for vehicles with varying lubrication needs.

Groeneveld developed its TriPlus automatic greasing system for vehicles with complex devices that, independently of one another, have varying lubrication needs. Suitable for class 2 grease, the TriPlus emits just the right amount of grease when lubrication is needed.

  • Utilizes a pump with one to three outputs to which progressive distribution blocks are attached
  • Control unit separately controls each output, dtermining time and amount of grease lubrication
  • Fully enclosed structure prevents introduction of contamination and moisture
  • Operates in temperature range of -4 F to 158 F (-20 C to 70 C)
  • Features electronic memory and in-cab LED signalling
  • Follower plate in reservoir prevents oxidation of grease, mixing with water as well as ensures all grease is used
  • Level switch notifies when grease level too low


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