Technology News Tracker: Atlas Copco Set’s a New Drilling Record

Atlas Copco set out to establish a World Record to demonstrate the performance and fuel efficiency of its SmartROC Series of Surface Crawler Rigs.

The experiment was conducted in Sweden under controlled conditions with the hope that it would be able to be easily replicated by others in the industry around the world.

The goal was to drill 100 meters (328 feet) in under 2 hours while using less than 40 liters of fuel (10.5 gallons). Atlas Copco’s T40 was able to achieve the 100 meter drill in only one hour and 53 minutes, but even more impressive used only 34.5 liters of fuel during the drill time.

Now, operators of SmartROC T35 and T40 models are being offered their own chance to prove the results or even attempt to beat the record. Current results are being posted online at on the Leaderboard.

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