Kantar Looks to Define Future of Urban Mobility

Its Mobility Futures study will unveil the political, economic, ecological, technological and socio-cultural factors that are changing mobility decisions in major cities around the world.


Ahead of the 2019 Movin’ On summit, Kantar, the world’s leading marketing insights and consulting company, has unveiled the network of ecosystem players joining them in Mobility Futures, a new program designed to reveal the future of urban mobility. 

Surveying 20,000 people across 31 cities, the study will uncover the political, economic, ecological, technological and socio-cultural factors that are profoundly changing mobility decisions in the major cities around the world. In addition to identifying today’s patterns of mobility behaviour the project will also evaluate acceptance towards new products services and interventions to project a 10-year vision of the urban mobility market, including city-level forecasting and scenario planning. 

As a member of the Movin’ On Board, Kantar aims to better understand the key drivers of global mobility. Focus areas of the study will include: consumer travel trends, the shift from transport ownership to usage and new mobility concepts and innovations. The multi-client project involves a comprehensive list of well-known technology, transport and automotive brands including Berlin and Munich’s public transport networks, Total, and ZF brought together to provide their expert analysis and perspectives on the study results. 

Guillaume Saint, Kantar’s representative at Movin’On LAB and Global Automotive Lead commented, “The future of mobility is profoundly changing and will be shaped in the world’s great cities. With Mobility Futures, we, together with major players from across the mobility ecosystem, are creating the insight and scenario planning that will lay the foundation for sustainable and intelligent mobility solutions around the world.” 

The key findings from Mobility Futures program will be unveiled later this year. 

A partial list of participants in the Kantar Mobility Futures program include: 

Allianz SE, ZF, Groupe PSA, TOTAL, MVV (Munich Urban Transport Network), MVG (Munich Transport Corporation), VBB (Berlin Transport Authority), Michelin, Transdev Group, UN Habitat, HUK-Coburg, Volkswagen, Deutsche Bahn Management Consulting.