Americas Commercial Transportation (ACT) Research Co. LLC

Columbus, IN 47203

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4440 Middle Road
Columbus, IN 47203
United States
Phone:(812) 379-2085

Americas Commercial Transportation (ACT) Research, Co., LLC is the recognized leading publisher of commercial vehicle (CV) industry data, market analysis, and forecasting services for the North American market. Our commitment to data quality & integrity; in-depth analysis; and timeliness have made our services the industry standards demonstrated by our being awarded the 2019 Lawrence R. Klein Award Winner for the most accurate economic forecast from 2015-2018.

ACT Research was founded in 1986 with the goal of improving and expanding North American commercial vehicle analysis in order to promote a better understanding of the transportation industry. By working directly with commercial vehicle manufacturers, ACT Research collects and confidentially shares timely market and performance data that provide a comprehensive look at the industry’s past and present performance, with an in-depth analysis of future expectations.

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