Sitrex celebrates 40 years of developing agricultural equipment

Sitrex celebrates 40 years of designing and manufacturing agricultural equipment, as well as the recent acquisition of UNIFAST to grow its mixer feeder product offerings.

Not every day do we get to celebrate a standard 40th anniversary, an important event for any organization and
especially for a company, let alone one which will allow the company to take a leap in entrepreneurial quality to consolidate its position on the market.

The growth curve by SITREX over four decades of activity is fully justified by the acquisition of UNIFAST, which at the same time opens new possibilities for development in the immediate future.

SITREX S.p.A. was founded in the 70s by its current chairman, Giovanni Signorelli; at the time, the manufacture of agricultural machinery was already one of the connotative, economic sectors in the Upper Tiber, the Umbrian valley at the crossroads of the four regions (including Tuscany, the Marche and Romagna), where SITREX first started and then went on to implement the industrial scene.

At the beginning of the 70s, the enterprise began to grow rapidly, thanks to the owners’ entrepreneurial wisdom, and to specialize in avant-garde machinery, such as haymaking and gardening equipment. It immediately found a natural, commercial niche in foreign markets: SITREX products were, therefore, exported first throughout Europe and subsequently in the USA, Canada and Australia, to the point that today 99% of its production is destined for export to over 60 countries.

Its American market has developed to such an extent that the parent company operates as SITREX USA Inc. with distribution centers in Houston, TX, and Omaha NE.

Moreover, on 01.01.11 SITREX founded SITREX RUSSIA, with headquarters in Moscow, to commercialize its own products in Russia and in all the CIS markets.

The company’s core business remains to this day in its original headquarters at Trestina di Città di Castello in the Upper Tiber valley, where SITREX boasts three large plants with state-of-the-art technology used to achieve top quality standards.

It currently has 90 employees, but there are over 200 more in 40 satellite companies working daily to supply SITREX with parts and various services.

The linchpin of the company’s success has to be its flexible production system, where the use of welding and assembly robots together with its liquid and powder paint plant are of the utmost importance.

The range of SITREX machinery also includes machines such as grass mowers, harvesters and rakes, with the Mixer Feeders to complete the line.

The company stands out for its continual, evolutionary, dynamic planning and its introduction of innovative designs.

As part of this context, SIMAK s.r.l. (a partner of SITREX) recently acquired via receiver the patents, models, drawings and designs of the entire repertoire from the UNIFAST production line. This was virtually the entire know-how of this highly esteemed organization in this specific area of expertise, together with its famous logo, which is in itself a guarantee Self-propelled Mixer Feeders Premier 170 of world-wide quality, as this was the first company to introduce the vertical mixer feeder; rising above and beyond any unfortunate management affairs

At the same time it acquired 100% of the company UNIFAST BRAND & ENGINEERING, holder of the AGM logo, yet
another high profile reference in the industrial circles in this sector.

This significant operation enables SITREX to enter the market with the well-known mixers from UNIFAST and to become one of the world leaders in the sector of mixers with further margins of growth in terms of turnover. It also enables the company to expand its prospects further in the very near future, as plans are already underway to add an extra 4,000 sq.m. on to one plant, which is a significant opposing trend in the current crisis and which reveals horizons capable of showing growth.

Approximately 30 staff will be employed in the new structure and this will prove significant both in consolidating the market and from the point of view of strengthening the company image, which is part and parcel of the company’s fundamental accounting data.

Ultimately, even though “technology and innovation” represents a slogan that is repeated and flaunted only too
often, SITREX has found the way to translate it into practical, everyday reality, tangible both from the point of view of current results and of future expectations.

Now SITREX is increasingly becoming a mark of excellence in Italian industry which is reaching out towards more than just western markets at a time when response to the crisis can only be in investments aimed at expansion in line with progress made so far and coherently programmed for new goals.