John Deere adds new features to S Series Combines for improved harvesting performance and efficiency

John Deere's updated S Series Combines feature the new 645FD Hydraflex Draper which helps improve harvesting performance and efficiency for soybeans, rice and small grain crops.

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John Deere has added several new features to its popular S Series Combines and introduces the performance-enhancing 645FD Hydraflex Draper to help producers improve harvesting performance and efficiency for soybeans, rice and small grain crops.

The S Series Combines already set the standard for grain harvesting performance, but several new features take productivity to the next level. John Deere engineers have made several design changes to S680 and S690 Combines, including the use of Tough Crop Packages consisting of Active Concave Isolation, interrupter bars and heavy-duty separator gates, to squeeze more throughput out of machines and increase tough small grain harvesting capacity.

"Operators working in tough separating and threshing conditions can now increase harvest throughput by 20%, when the harvest window is closing, not taking losses into account, with the new Tough Small Grains and Tough Rice Packages for the S680 and S690," says Emily Priebe of John Deere Harvester Works. "Producers in tough small grains will also see a 10% capacity increase while maintaining their loss level."

Active hydraulic concave isolation design – the first of its type in the industry – reduces concave noise while processing uneven crop flow. The hydraulic system eliminates shear bolts and eye bolts, which removes both the expense and downtime that occur when a bolt breaks.

Next, the new PlatformTilt (fore/aft) feeder house enables the operator to ensure proper cutter bar positioning under changing terrain and ground conditions, without leaving the cab. When harvesting corn or soybeans, this feature alone can increase harvest efficiency throughout the day.

“The 4-strand feederhouse chain and 8-inch drum improve crop feeding into the combine by 10% to better utilize machine capacity,” Priebe explains.

Finally, longer augers mean smoother unloading on the go. The 26-foot folding auger reduces overhang at the end of the machine to simplify transport and storage. The new 28.5-foot unloading auger option is 2-1/2 feet longer than any auger now on the market to more easily accommodate unloading on the go with wider platforms and grain cart tractors equipped with duals.

The 645FD Hydraflex Draper also enables operators to maximize their time in the field.

"Growers can harvest 10% more acres in a day, which matches capacity with the S680 and S690," says Priebe. "Other features increase uptime and reduce operational costs."

The 45-foot operating width – an increase of 5 feet – means more ground can be covered in fewer passes. The wide center feed section and the 35% greater slip-clutch capacity maximize draper performance.

Shorter, streamlined end dividers reduce trampling losses, while an increase in reel finger strength improves both durability and performance.

"These changes are the direct result of listening to our customers and then finding solutions that solve real problems," Priebe says. "We never stop trying to make the best even better."