PRINOTH Dealer Offers Hydroseeder-Equipped PANTHER to Aid Soil Restoration

Dealer Multi Machine combines hydroseeding technology to PINOTH's tracked PANTHER vehicles to enable customers to restore swamps, forests and other more.

T12 With Hydroseeder

For PRINOTH, the protection of the environment is a fundamental stake to consider in the company’s activities. It also seems that this preoccupation for environmental consciousness is shared by one of its distributors, Multi Machine, located in New Jersey. The company's off-road hydroseeders PANTHER T8 and T12, designed to restore destroyed vegetation, are a token of its commitment to the environmental cause. 

The technology of hydroseeding renews the vegetation that has been ruined by frequent vehicle passage during excavation activities, by spraying seeds on the ground. It allows to create vegetation areas and accelerate the growth of grass. T12 With Hydroseeder

Since some of the devastated areas are located in off-road areas, Multi Machine decided to combine the hydroseeding technology to PRINOTH’s tracked vehicles. The PANTHER vehicles can now restore the swamps and forests that are usually out of reach with a FINN or APEX hydroseeder and can operate efficiently in any terrain. This customization was the kick-off to many rentals to contractors who work in vegetation-related projects.


The PANTHER crawler carrier series is comprised of the T6, T8, T12, T14R, T16, and T22 models, and can access difficult worksites without damaging the terrain thanks to their low ground pressure design. While treading softly, they also carry the biggest payloads in the industry – from 5,443 kg (12,000 lbs.) up to an incredible 20,865 kg (46,000 lbs.) worth of equipment, materials and supplies. Their superior stability and floatability are valuable assets when operating in challenging work environments such as mining, construction, oil and gas and electric utility.