Scania to deliver 119 complete defence vehicles to Luxembourg and Sweden

Scania has signed an agreement with the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA) on the supply to the Luxembourg army of 31 all-wheel-drive trucks, 13 of them with mine and ballistic protection.

The 31 NATO-specification trucks to Luxembourg are all four-axle all-wheel-drive Scania G 480 8x8. The deal involves the first delivery of a new upgraded ballistic protection system, STANAG level 3 on 13 trucks. The vehicles will to a large extent be used on peace-keeping missions, 28 fitted with hooklift bodywork and three with recovery body. Deliveries will take place during 2011

The order from the Swedish defence, part of a running frame agreement, includes 80 three-axle Scania G 400 6x2 logistics vehicles with hooklift bodywork. Four vehicles to be used for driver training are specified with four individual seats in the cab. FMV has also ordered eight four-axle Scania P 400 8x2 with crane and platform bodywork.

For the first time in a deal with FMV the vehicles are fitted with the Scania Communicator 200 on-board data collector for remote follow-up of vehicle and driver performance via a web portal. This is also the first time a repair and maintenance contract is signed with FMV, which includes access to the Scania sales and service network throughout Sweden. Deliveries are scheduled for the first quarter of 2011.

Scania has supplied defence vehicles according to NATO standards since 1998, the largest orders coming from the Netherlands and France, and trucks with mine and ballistic protection since 2001.