CAMESE releases new Compendium of Canadian Mining Suppliers

The Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services, is pleased to announce the initial distribution of the 2010/2011 CAMESE Compendium of Canadian Mining Suppliers.

This magazine-format book contains useful information about the dynamic, technologically-advanced, environmentally-sound suppliers that help keep Canadian mines among the most efficient in the world. Profiles of over 275 of Canada’s prime suppliers of mining equipment and services are included.

This Compendium is the fifteenth of an annual series. A total of 16,000 copies will be distributed to mining decision makers by mail and at international mining trade shows. Much of the material in the Compendium as well as an effective product and service search facility, is also available on the Internet at the association’s comprehensive web site at

CAMESE is a non-sales trade association that exists to help Canadian mining suppliers export to world mining markets, and to assist foreign buyers, dealers and others in finding suitable Canadian business partners in the mining supply sector.

Anyone wishing a copy of the Compendium should fill-in: