Germany's Economy Continues to Attract Investment

Direct foreign investment has been helping Germany's economy grow, making it the most attractive environment for business in Europe.

Indicators confirm that Germany's economy continues to spur growth while reinforcing its standing as a key global location for foreign direct investment. As the most attractive business environment in Europe and the fifth worldwide according to Ernst & Young, Germany's economic performance is a leading catalyst for investment. Germany Trade & Invest's annual "Economic Overview Germany" reports on the developments of the German economy in key areas.

"This year's 'Economic Overview' affords the prospective investor a clear, concise insight into the German economy. The data show that the country's stable and reliable business environment has contributed to economic growth and prosperity, confirming Germany's position as a central destination for foreign investors," says Dr. Robert Hermann, Managing Director of Investor Consulting at Germany Trade & Invest in Berlin.

Germany is an essential conduit to trade and investment. According to the United National Conference on Trade and Development, investors have made Germany one of the leading countries in foreign direct investment which accounted for EUR 509 billion in 2010. More than 55,000 foreign companies operate in Germany and employ approximately three million people across dozens of sectors. Chinese investors have made Germany its number one location for green-field investments since 2008 and American executives consistently rank Germany first in Europe as a business location.

Since 2003, exports have grown by more than 5% on average each year. Germany's economic backbone of highly innovative small and medium-sized enterprises constitutes 99.6% of all companies that continue to grow on a global scale. These international export drivers have served to bring unemployment to record lows and productivity to historic highs. Accordingly, Germany's resiliency has not only led to growth but has encouraged others to be a part of it.

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