Field Trips during KWF-Tagung 2012 Will Feature Live Demonstrations of Equipment

Field trips during KWF-Tagung 2012 will provide attendees with the opportunity to see machinery up close and at work in the field.

The Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik e.V. (KWF) will be organizing a field trip with in-field demonstrations again at this years 16th KWF-Tagung (June 13 to 16, 2012). Supported by partners from all over Germany, the in-field demonstrations will present innovative KWF-tested forest technology in action. Neutral experts will be demonstrating 30 complete work chains in real-life situations. They will advise visitors about operating conditions and costs. The focus will be on environmental friendly technology operations, fuel wood production, logistic chains and forest management. The demonstrations will include both new and well-established work procedures. For the first time in the history of the Tagung, the in-field demonstrations will begin on the opening day, Wednesday, June 13.

The in-field demonstrations can be visited between June 13 and 15, 2012. Thus, for the first time, visitors will be able to enjoy the full professional program that makes a KWF-Tagung so unique right from the start of the event. This new arrangement is a reaction by KWF to the situation observed at the Schmallenberg event, where visitors thronged the field trip on Thursday and Friday. In addition to this, the participants of the special theme day “Forest Careers” will also be able to visit the in-field demonstrations.

"Previous events have shown that visitor numbers are always very high on Thursday. Those who wish to avoid long waiting times should visit the event on Wednesday (June 13) or Friday (June 15)," recommends Dr. Andreas Forbrig, who is responsible for the conception of the in-field demonstrations.

Apart from soil and site preparation methods, the in-field demonstrations will include presentations from all relevant areas in forestry. However, the main focus will be on wood harvesting procedures. This will be presented at 14 stations covering subjects such as tree harvesting on accessible terrain, on slopes, for fuel wood and in exceptional conditions. The overriding key topic “soil conservation” will play an important role in all harvesting demonstrations. Each station will include demonstrations of aspects and technologies relevant for soil conservation.

A completely new demonstration of tree harvesting procedures in old softwood stands using harvesters in the 35 and 60 ton class is certain to draw a lot of attention. The demonstration will show how thick trees can be harvested without interfering with the natural regeneration of the forest. The demonstration of harvesting methods on steep slopes will include a special forest tractor with a traction winch and, for gradients over 50%, a tower yarder.

The other stations will deal with forest establishment (one station), young stand management (four stations) as well as work safety, environmental impact, logistics and mechanical forest protection (10 stations). To date the complete field trip program includes 29 stations.

Before the work procedures go on show, they will be evaluated by PEFC and FSC auditors. Their results will be posted at each station and will also be published in the field trip guide.

A “field trip package” will be available for the first time for visitors to the 2012 event. This includes the entrance fee for the field trip, bus transfer to the stations and a field trip guide. The latter contains in-depth descriptions of the individual stations, including details of the procedures and the cost and efficiency of the machines, ergonomics, work safety and environmental impact. The field trip package costs 15 euro and 5 euro for KWF members.

The complete field trip program is available online under at