Strong Interest to Exhibit at KWF-Tagung 2012

With seven months to go until KWF-Tagung 2012, two-thirds of exhibition space has already been sold, showing a strong interest from companies in exhibiting at this forest industry event.

The Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik e.V. (KWF) presented the first KWF-Tagung 2012 interim report on November 7. Since July 1, 2011, companies have been able to reserve exhibition space at the KWF-Expo, which takes place together with the KWF-Tagung. Interest has been enormous with over 180 company registrations counted to date. That is twice as many exhibitors than at the same time four years ago.

As a consequence of the hugely successful KWF-Tagung 2008 in Schmallenberg, the organizers have selected a larger exhibition area for the upcoming KWF-Tagung 2012 in Bopfingen. Over 60,000 square meters of outdoor area and about 2000 square meters tent space are available for exhibitors. Now, just four months after the start of the registration period, over 40,000 square meters of outdoor floor space have already been reserved. This means that seven months before the opening of the 16th KWF-Tagung, two-thirds of the available outdoor floor space has already been reserved. At the same point in time four years ago only 25,000 square meters had been sold (total floor space 2008: 58,000 square meters).

These numbers reflect immense company interest in the spacious trade show associated with the KWF-Tagung for showcasing their products and innovations. The new concept of dividing the usual visitor circular route into four individual circuits met with great approval. This “clover-leaf” design means shorter distances for the visitor. Distinctive signs and color schemes will provide easy guidance through the trade show for visitors.

The available space in the four exhibition tents is also quickly diminishing. Two tents have already been completely occupied with exhibitors.

The proportion of international exhibitors has not quite attained the levels of the previous KWF-Tagung in 2008. However, international marketing schemes will begin as planned at the end of the year. The organizers are especially pleased with the proportion of first-time exhibitors. Over 15% of the companies registered to date have never participated in a KWF-Tagung before.

"Our objective is to achieve the excellent results of the KWF-Tagung 2008 in Schmallenberg. We would like to present over 400 exhibitors and are expecting more tan 45,000 professional visitors," says Dr. Reiner Hofmann, KWF.