German Machinery Industry Focusing Efforts on Turkey

German machinery exports to Turkey are in high demand, with 36% of machines in Turkey coming from Germany.

With demand from the BRIC states and Germany’s neighbors currently slowing, Germany's machinery and equipment industry is increasingly focused on Turkey. Now is the right time for Turkish companies to expand to Germany, according to Germany Trade & Invest experts, who will be at this year’s World of Industry Part 2 from March 29 to April 1 in Istanbul.

"Germany is traditionally one of the most important destinations for Turkish FDI. The two countries have inseparable ties that span several decades. With Turkey's booming economy and Germany’s reputation for high quality machinery, the timing couldn't be better," says Jerome Hull, machinery industry expert at Germany Trade & Invest in Berlin.

Currently machinery leads all other goods imported from Germany. According to the industry association VDMA, 36% of machines in Turkey come from Germany and this figure continues to grow. But Turkish companies are also looking to Germany for more than just trade.

"The 'Made in Germany' label is one of the keys to success in this industry. A growing number of companies from rapidly developing countries like Turkey are interested in investing in Germany to obtain that seal of quality for their products," continues Hull.

Although FDI from Turkey in Germany pales in comparison to German investments in Turkey, the trend is upward. Since 2003, over 40% of Turkish investment projects in western Europe went to Germany. Currently approximately 600 Turkish companies are registered in Germany.

"Just as Turkey is a hub between Europe and the Middle East, Turkish companies can invest in Germany and serve the entire European market from a central location," concludes Hull.