Sales of Natural Gas Trucks Set to Surpass 180,000 by 2019

Pike Research estimates sales of natural gas trucks will surpass 180,000 by 2019.

A new report from Pike Research estimates that sales of natural gas trucks will continue to grow, and will more than double over the next seven years. The report indicates that by 2019 sales will surpass 180,000 trucks. 

According to the report, sales in the Asia Pacific region will be the highest and is expected to outpace global growth. China will be the leader in liquefied natural gas (LNG) truck sales, accounting for 94% of the market. The United States will also have strong demand for natural gas trucks over the next several years, though its demand for natural gas buses will be lower; China is expected to exceed 50,000 sales of natural gas buses by 2019 while the United States will account for  less than 3,000 natural gas bus sales. 

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