FTR Associates Indicates September Class 8 Truck Orders Down from August

Recently released data from FTR Associates shows Class 8 truck orders in September were slightly lower than August orders.

FTR Associates has released preliminary data showing September Class 8 truck net orders at 15,205, down slightly from August. September 2012 orders were 35% below the same month last year contributing to the weakest quarter since Q3 2010. The annualized rate for net orders placed in the third quarter of this year came in at just 174,400 units. Preliminary order numbers are for all major North American OEMs.

Eric Starks, FTR’s President comments, “September orders were at the low end of our expectations so they were somewhat disappointing. We wouldn’t have been surprised to see 3,000 to 4,000 more units ordered in the month, but the reported numbers were certainly within the range we expected to see, albeit softer than we would have liked. Even with sluggish freight levels, we still expect to see a seasonal bounce in orders during Q4, but likely not at levels that many in the industry are hoping to see.”