German Ag Machinery Industry Supports Ukrainian Development in Agriculture

“Modern Technology Indispensable for Sustainable Progress”

With a memorandum of understanding signed in Kiev last Tuesday, the Ukrainian Assn. of Ag Machinery Manufacturers (UKRAGRROMASH), the State scientific institution L. Pogorilyy (UkrNDIPVT) and VDMA Agricultural Machinery agreed on a long-term cooperation between Germany and Ukraine in the field of agricultural machinery development. “Our first intention is to foster the Ukrainian development in Agriculture on a matter of common interest”, said Dr. Bernd Scherer, VDMA Managing Director. Therefore, a trouble-free supply of agricultural machinery and components is necessary, since “modern technology serves as an indispensable factor for sustainable progress.”

The memorandum was signed at a round table conference organized by the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture and VDMA Agricultural Machinery. Among the participants there were leading Western ag machinery manufacturers and around 30 component suppliers from Ukraine.

Ambitious Goals to Achieve

In order to achieve their ambitious goals the partners will cooperate in several fields of common interest; in practical terms they will provide reliable market information, create a platform for further collaboration between the manufacturers of the two countries and represent the interests of the agricultural machinery manufacturers towards governmental authorities, certification institutes and other organizations.

Cooperation Based on Intensive Dialogue

Moreover, it is planned to enter into an intensive dialogue and exchange of experience with the aid of meetings and forums for the agricultural machinery manufacturers. In this context, the Ukrainian side will also provide comprehensive support and solutions to special questions and requests of the VDMA member companies intending to invest in Ukraine.