Quebec Forestry & Construction Expo co-locating with Salon CAM Quebec

Quebec Forestry & Construction Expo will co-locate with Salon CAM Quebec in 2014, bringing together the latest equipment technologies for the forestry, construction and heavy-duty trucking industries.

Master Promotions Ltd., Canada’s largest independent trade and consumer event management company, presents the Quebec Forestry & Construction Expo, co-locating with Salon CAM Québec, April 25 to 26, 2014 at the Centre de foires in Quebec City.

“These two events are a perfect combination and offer up a huge opportunity for exhibiting companies to broaden their customer base with the creation of this super-event,” says National Show Manager Mark Cusack. “The trucking industry works closely with the forestry and road building industry, and this natural partnership will produce a one-stop shopping experience for the many products, services and technology common to both,” explains Cusack.

Combined, these two events will have the potential to showcase 185,000 square feet of exhibit space and offer unparalleled sales opportunities to exhibiting companies.

The Quebec Forestry & Construction Expo will cater to those in forestry, construction, heavy equipment owners/operators, municipal workers and other facets of these industries. Evolving from as far back as the late 1990’s, including Logfor ‘98 and more recently, Wood Week, the need was there then and it is now for an event of this nature to help industry stakeholders make informed decisions about product and equipment purchases. This industry showcase is modeled off the recent success of the Canada North Resources Expo in Prince George, British Columbia, the Atlantic Heavy Equipment Show in New Brunswick and Expo Grands Travaux in Montreal, Quebec. The formula works and the timing is right for an event of this nature in Quebec.

Salon CAM Québec will draw buyers from the trucking, logging, road building and other related industries from all over Quebec. Trucks are a “driving force” in the forestry, construction and road building industries. This makes it a natural fit to share the venue and audience with the Quebec Forestry & Construction Expo. The buyers for these industries will be common to both events. Salon CAM Québec will have a strong emphasis on trucks from the Class 5 to 8 market, which includes transport trucks, logging trucks, fuel trucks, dump trucks and other big rigs. The event will also showcase trucks from the lighter duty market, including pickup trucks, utility vans and city delivery trucks.