Agritechnica 2013 had record attendance with 450,000 visitors

The 2013 edition of Agritechnica had a record number 450,000 attendees of which 112,000 were from countries outside of Germany.

Agritechnica 2013 has impressively demonstrated the growing global significance of agriculture and agricultural machinery and equipment. With 2,898 exhibitors and some 450,000 visitors, including 112,000 from outside Germany, the fair has grown yet again.” These were the words of Dr. Reinhard Grandke, CEO of the organizer DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft/German Agricultural Society) at the close of Agritechnica, the international fair for agricultural machinery and equipment. The mood among exhibitors and visitors was positive, and was reflected in a high tendency to invest. “According to the findings of a neutral survey conducted among visitors, more than two thirds of the farmers assess the current business situation of their farms as good. They plan to invest in the next two years,” reports Dr. Grandke.

The following preliminary conclusions can be drawn:

1. Nearly 2,900 exhibitors from 47 countries showed a complete program of modern agricultural machinery and equipment as well as components and spare parts (Systems & Components). The international participation was outstanding, with 1,500 exhibitors – representing an increase in the last 10 years from 33% to the present level of 52%.

2. Agritechnica is a driving force for innovations and an initiator of ideas for global agriculture. This is where the agricultural machinery manufacturers present their innovations for modern farming practice throughout the world. The solutions shown, especially in the fields of electronics, controls and instrumentation, as well as data management, provide farmers with a broad base of new opportunities for achieving necessary improvements in efficiency and for conserving resources.

3. The distinction between system, module, component and parts suppliers was implemented for the first time at Agritechnica 2013 with the new trade fair sector “Systems & Components.” This concept proved successful and will be optimized further at Agritechnica 2015.

4. With around 450,000 visitors Agritechnica has achieved a new record result. This represents an increase of 7% by comparison with 2011. The figure underscores the enormous interest shown by farmers, contractors and dealers in the latest modern technology and concepts pointing the way to the future.

5. Approximately 338,000 visitors came from throughout Germany, representing an increase of around 6% by comparison with 2011. As the survey of visitors shows, large numbers of farmers came from all the different regions of Germany, with 38% traveling in from South and Southwest Germany, 50% from North and West Germany, and 12% from East Germany.

6. With 112,000 international visitors, Agritechnica has reached a new peak in attendance figures. One in four visitors to the fair came from outside Germany. The largest contingents made their way from Switzerland (over 11,500 visitors), the Netherlands (10,000), Austria (8,700), France (7,500), Ireland (5,800), Denmark (5,200), the United Kingdom (5,000), Belgium (4,500), Finland (4,300) and Italy (3,700).

With around 19,000 decision-makers and investors from the large farms in Central and Eastern Europe, Agritechnica is the international platform for investments. The largest contingents of farm managers came from the Czech Republic (3,600), Poland (2,900), Russia (2,400) and Ukraine (1,900). 

Especially the significantly higher number of visitors from overseas has impressively endorsed the character of the world’s leading international trade fair. For example, attendance figures from North, Central and South America rose to 8,900 visitors, from Oceania to 2,000 visitors, from India to 1,350 visitors and from the countries of Africa to 1,350 visitors.

7. Today developments in electronics and sensor systems largely determine the degree of innovation of systems and machinery with a view to rendering processes even more efficient, precise, environmentally compatible and cost-efficient. Progress was noted at Agritechnica particularly in the networking of the differing systems. “Smart Farming” presented solutions for instance in the fields of data management, navigation/sensor technology, optimized hardware and controls and instrumentation.

8. A proactive know-how campaign is necessary for the emerging economies of Africa and Asia. The farmers there need not only knowledge and skills transfer, but also appropriate technologies. Within the framework of a new event series, international experts explored market potentials and market access avenues as well as financing conditions and technology requirements for China, India and the countries of Southern Africa. The international interest in this event series was very strong. The results will help to accelerate the transfer of expertise to these countries. The Special “Rice Production” also contributed to this. Many visitors came to gather information about water management, soil preparation, sowing, fertilizing, plant protection and harvesting.

9. Germany remains a significant center for innovations and investment. Farmers came to Agritechnica to enquire and gather information about high-tech answers to the challenges facing them, irrespective of their farm size and production sectors.

10. More than 20,000 young farmers and students from home and abroad came to gather detailed information from Agritechnica offerings ranging from “Workshop Live” and the many job forums to individual career counseling. In particular the information provided by many manufacturers about the attractive career opportunities in their companies drew in large numbers of young potential recruits. 

One highlight for the younger generation was also the Young Farmers Party attended by around 4,000 and with an appearance by the Peterson Farm Brothers (Kansas/USA), known internationally through their YouTube videos.

The next Agritechnica will be held November 10 to 14, 2015 (Preview Days November 8 and 9) at the Exhibition Grounds in Hanover.