FTR holding State of Freight webinar focused on U.S. economy

FTR will host its State of Freight webinar focused on the current state of the U.S. economy on Thursday, March 13.

FTR will explore the outlook for the US economy with award-winning economist Bill Witte during FTR’s State of Freight webinar scheduled for Thursday, March 13 at 11 a.m. EDT. The 30 minute webinar moderated by Eric Starks, President of FTR, will look at the current economic situation and explore the upside and downside possibilities for growth. Is enthusiasm for accelerated growth warranted?

  • Has the macro economy finally escaped the doldrums?
  • Will the improvement during the second half of 2013 reassert itself?
  • Does the labor market weakness of December and January foretell a return to the slow growth norm of 2010-2012?
  • What are the risks of significant slowdown?
  • Is significantly faster growth a possibility?

A participant Q&A session will be held after Witte's presentation. Complimentary registration is required prior to webinar date and can be completed online.