Two-month extension of highway bill awaits President's signature

The Senate and House have both passed a measure to extend funding for the highway bill until July; it is now awaits the signature of President Obama.

On Saturday, May 23 the U.S. Senate approved the two-month extension of the highway bill passed last week by the House of Representatives. It is now with President Obama awaiting his signature. 

A policy statement from the White House on May 19 indicated the President will sign the extension, though he also voiced his disappointment in Congress' failure to once again create a multiyear authorization bill. 

The proposed extension will ensure infrastructure projects continue to be funded through July. 

Many organizations and political officials have voiced their disdain with the "patches" congress continues to make in regards to the bill, but are optimistic politicians in Washington will act in a bipartisan fashion to create a long-term highway bill.

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