FTR’s Virtual Conference Sessions Now Available as Courses on FTR University

FTR Virtual Conferences are now available on its FTR University online learning platform to help provide insight into the current and future state of the transportation industry.


Sessions from FTR’s Virtual Conference are now available as courses on FTR University. Entitled “The Transportation Market in Transition: The Freight Industry's Response to the Economy and Regulations,” the virtual conference brought together FTR experts and special guests who broke down the current, dynamic, transportation environment. Learners can choose a course on the State of Freight, Commercial Vehicles, or a course which combines both topics.

State of Freight Course

The State of Freight course covers topics including the economy, the freight situation, and the carrier and shipper environments. The lessons not only cover the current market, but also include thoughts and forecasts for 2016 and beyond. In addition, our interview with industry analyst John Larkin of Stifel will give learners another perspective of how the markets are operating. To conclude the State of Freight course, Noël Perry presents a long-term view of the trucking industry and how it is ripe for significant changes in the decades of the 2020's and 2030's.
Each session comes with a downloadable PDF of the Presentation:

  • Economic Growth Prospects in an Uncertain Global Environment – Bill Witte, FTR
  • The Economy and Freight Demand – Eric Starks, FTR
  • Rail Carload: Railroads in Crisis – Larry Gross, FTR
  • Is Truck Capacity Aligned with Freight Demand? – Noël Perry, FTR
  • Where is Intermodal Growth Coming From? – Larry Gross, FTR
  • Heavy Weather: Outlook for Container Shipping – Larry Gross, FTR
  • Hot Topic: What’s the Spot Market Telling Us? – Jonathan Starks, FTR
  • Hot Topic: Low Fuel Prices Impact on Transportation – Noël Perry, FTR
  • Rapid Fire: Regulations – Eric Starks, Noël Perry, Larry Gross, and Jonathan Starks, FTR
  • View from the Street: An Industry Perspective - John Larkin, STIFEL
  • Future of Trucking: Quantifying an Unknown Future – Noël Perry, FTR

Commercial Vehicle Course

The Commercial Vehicle course covers topics for each of the medium and heavy segments (Heavy Trucks, Heavy Trailers, Medium-Duty Vehicles). The lessons not only cover the current market, but also include thoughts and forecasts for 2016 and beyond. In addition, our interviews with industry leaders bring in other viewpoints of how the markets are operating. Chris Visser from NADA Used Truck Guide, Jeff Bennett of Utility Trailer, Jeff Sass from Navistar, and Sandeep Kar of Frost & Sullivan help to illuminate different aspects of the marketplace.

Each session comes with a downloadable PDF of the Presentation:

  • Class 8 Conditions: Down from the Peak – Eric Starks, FTR
  • Heavy-Duty Insider: Conditions on the Lot – Chris Visser, NADA Used Car Guide
  • Class 8 Demand: Where Do We Go from Here? – Eric Starks, FTR
  • Trailer Market Conditions in an Uncertain Economy – Don Ake, FTR
  • Trailers Aren’t Immune: Regulatory Impacts – Jeff Bennett, Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company
  • Trailer Demand in a Transition Year – Don Ake, FTR
  • Has Medium-Duty Activity Started to Heat Up? – Jonathan Starks, FTR
  • Are New Medium-Duty Entrants Causing a Spark? – Jeff Sass, Navistar
  • Medium-Duty Demand: Still Slow and Steady? – Jonathan Starks, FTR
  • Heard on the Street: CV Consensus Forecast – Eric Starks and Jonathan Starks, FTR
  • Future of Trucking: Technology Implications for Equipment – Sandeep Kar, Frost & Sullivan
  • Future of Trucking: Impact on Equipment Demand – Noël Perry, FTR

“With the economy still struggling to get much past neutral and the equipment markets both heating up and cooling down at the same time it may be difficult to discern where the markets are expected to move in 2016. Crude oil has dropped to new lows for this recovery and, yet, manufacturing is stuck in a rut with too many inventories and a strong dollar is hampering our once strong export sector,” says Jonathan Starks, COO. “Hot Topic presentations by FTR's Industry Experts, plus outside speakers that can illustrate how the market is currently moving will be a benefit to anyone that is in or tracks the freight or equipment markets."

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