EIMA Energy Salon to Highlight Technologies for the Production of Bioenergy

During EIMA 2016, the EIMA Energy salon will focus on technologies used to generate energy from agricultural and forestry residue.


Energy from biomass is fully fledged in the area of the circular economy. EIMA Energy is dedicated to this concept as a specialized salon focusing on technologies for the generation of energy from agricultural and forestry residues and those produced by the agro-industry and livestock wastes. The salon will run from November 9-13 at the Bologna Trade Fair Center in the setting of EIMA International, the great agricultural machinery and equipment exposition. This bioenergy venue - organized by the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation, FederUnacoma, in cooperation with the  Italian Biomass Association, ITABIA - will be ideal for showcasing the most advanced technologies for the agro-energy supply chain, as well as staging a large number of information and dissemination initiatives for stakeholders in such sectors as agriculture, forestry enterprises, the scientific and media spheres, municipal agencies and political figures. The successful EIMA Energy format is well known by visitors to these reviews for providing dynamic displays of machinery and equipment for the wood-energy supply chain where visitors can witness the illustrations of experts covering technical features and devices at work with the help of a special catalog as a guide.

In area 40 furnished for the purpose, researchers from CNR IVALSA, the National Research Council of Italy - Trees and Timber Institute, will provide dynamic demonstrations of the technical characteristics of the most innovative machinery designed for the management of biomass of agricultural and forestry origin for energy use. Four macro areas will be set up for wood-energy supply chain machinery types: moving timber; processing firewood; forestry chipping and shredding; the collection of agricultural residues.

The areas allocated have been planned to ensure excellent access and the safety of visitors who can also view animation activities more than once a day. In addition to these demonstration trials, the EIMA Energy format also includes a vast schedule of activities ranging from an international workshop on precision forestry with the presentation of the SLOPE Project, an important research experience conducted by agencies in Austria, Finland, Ireland and Italy financed by the European Union's 7th Framework Program on Research and Innovation. Also coming up for EIMA Energy are seminars and technical meetings for spreading the word on issues of special interest: intelligent forestry worksites; innovative mechanization for bioenergy; advanced biotechnologies for biobas, pelleting agriculture residues, energy efficiency in the agro-industry; the bioeconomy in the primary sector.