FTR Schedules State of Freight Webinar: 2017 Economic Outlook

During this webinar FTR will provide its forecast for the coming year and examine the factors which could have an affect, such as China and the EU.


The economic outlook for 2017 is, yet again, full of risks and uncertainty. The domestic economy is full of puzzles and the political landscape is about to be reshaped. The international economy faces unprecedented challenges ranging from China to the EU. In this webinar, FTR evaluates the situation and outlines its current forecast for next year. Join Bill Witte, FTR’s Economy Expert, as he walks through and explains the assumptions and outcomes for his forecast during this webinar scheduled for Thursday, October 13, at 11 a.m. EDT.
Witte comments, "Since the Great Recession, U.S. output growth has held in a narrow range around 2%, but the past three quarters have all been well below that level. We think the economy will continue to muddle through in 2017, but there are many risks.”

This is a thirty-minute webinar moderated by Jonathan Starks, COO. A participant Q&A session will be held after the presentation.

Registration to attend is required prior to the webinar date and can be completed online