President Trump Announces Further Tariffs on China

In retaliation to new tariffs China has announced on U.S. goods, President Trump plans to increase tariffs on Chinese products.

The Hill
Logistics Trade Ky Cnggk Cvyw Us

President Trump has announced plans to increase tariffs on billions of dollars worth of Chinese goods. The action is in response to tariffs on U.S. goods announced earlier in the day on August 23 by China's government, which was a response to the Trump administration's imposing of tariffs earlier in the month. 

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In a tweet from the president, he said the initial 10% tariff on $300 billion worth of Chinese imports—set to go into effect September 1—would be increased to 15%. He also said an additional $250 billion worth of goods that were to be tariffed at 25% would now be increased to 30% beginning October 1. 

China's tariffs on the U.S. would be on $75 billion of American-made products including cars and farm products. This will likely further hurt farmers who have been baring much of the brunt of the trade war due to tariffs on crops. The manufacturing sector will also be effected as the trade tensions have already caused increases in supplies needed to create products, as well as the cost of American-made products in other countries.